Cetecom works with producers of cashew nuts in Vietnam and India. Throughout its long years of experience, the company has worked hard to identify, develop and maintain close relationships with these producers, who can provide a consistent supply of the highest quality cashew nuts.

In India there are approximately 200,000 growers and one million people involved in the processing of cashew nuts, mainly for domestic consumption. Vietnam is the larger exporter: the country exported 257,000 tons of cashew nuts in 2013.

Throughout its 50 years of experience, Cetecom has established, developed and nurtured close personal relationships with the most reliable producers, who can provide a consistent supply of the highest quality cashew nuts.

Grading cashew nuts and applying quality assurance procedures to production and processing is vital. Cetecom ensures that its producers adhere to international standards for grading, thereby ensuring the company only trades in the highest quality cashew nuts.

Cetecom’s role

Throughout the supply chain and production process Cetecom provides the following  services:

  • Acting as suppliers of high quality produce.
  • Ensuring shipments are timely to guarantee that required quality and demand are met.
  • Providing the skills, knowledge, experience and contacts for quality assurance management and product delivery.
  • Acting as a knowledge centre and working in an advisory capacity on legal and other requirements.
  • Adapting to market demands and changing consumer tastes.
  • Supplying buyers with up-to-date market information.
  • Managing variations in levels of international production and demand, thusensuring reliability of supply and fixed, agreed prices.
  • Providing a friendly, informed and professional service from initial contact through to post-sales support.

Importation and distribution

The company imports cashew nuts into Europe via the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where every year 40,000 tonnes of cashew nuts arrive.

By specialising solely in the importation of cashew nuts, Cetecom has refined its expertise and can provide access to a range of quality assured cashew nut suppliers.

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